Should You Use A Cybersecurity Sales Headhunting Firm and Will Contingency Recruitment Hurt Your Business?

In our post-pandemic world, cyber threats and risks pose more danger to companies than ever before. With this increase in demand, comes the increase in job openings with cybersecurity vendors having critical sales positions to fill. And it is more important now than ever before for businesses to be connected to experienced salespeople. Ones who can generate revenue, bring in new customers and establish new markets. Do you know any cybersecurity sales headhunting firm? You’re probably thinking…

Are Cyber Security salespeople in demand more than ever?

Searching for Cybersecurity Professionals

The answer is, hell yes. Securing the safety of businesses from threats and cyber attacks make most cybersecurity offerings ‘must have’ technology, making the salespeople ‘must have’ employees. Security sales roles have become basic necessities, making cybersecurity sales professionals highly sought after to fill critical roles.

Filling critical roles requires – as Liam Neeson would say – a particular set of skills, skills that have been amassed over a long career. If you are hiring cybersecurity sales staff, you are almost certainly competing with other companies to hire a skillset in short supply. And – to make it harder – you will also need to hire someone who will be a fit with your company’s culture. Since nobody knows your culture better than you, you might think that you are the best person to find your next employee, right? Wrong.

Recruitment and headhunting is extremely time-consuming – time you almost certainly can’t spare if you have open vacancies. Face it, as well as doing your own job and the job that is currently open, you really don’t have time spare for reviewing and filtering through piles of resumes, pre-screening candidates, setting up interviews… And, if you limit your search to candidates so desperate to find a job that they will post their resume on job boards or frequent job sites such as Indeed or LinkedIn Jobs, or to your network on LinkedIn, you are significantly limiting the talent pool from which you are able to select the best possible candidates. If you pursue this approach, you are instantly hurting your chances of successfully hiring a great sales candidate right from the get-go.

Perhaps it’s time to consider an alternative approach.

Cybersecurity Sales Recruitment Solutions and Headhunting Services

How does a cybersecurity sales headhunting firm work? And how do Headhunters and Recruitment Agencies take the thorough and painstaking process of filling your vacancy? How do they make it less painful for you, and more beneficial for your company at the same time?

Before anything else, let’s understand how it works.

Recruitment and Headhunting

Right now there are typically three variations of recruitment service providers. The first is in-house recruitment, which typically falls under the human resources department of your own company. Some companies have them, others don’t. The second is “contingency recruitment” and the third is retained recruitment. Both of these are provided by third party firms

Both contingent and retained recruitment agencies practice “recruitment”- so what’s the difference?

Contingency recruitment works on a non-exclusive ‘no-win, no-fee’ basis. The hiring company is free to use as many recruiters as they wish. The recruiter is not accountable to provide any candidates for the position. They are also able to introduce the same candidate to a number of companies at the same time. Yes, even to direct competitors. So, if you see a great candidate from a contingency recruiter, the chances are that the recruiter is also sending that candidate’s resume to your competitors!

What is Headhunting?

Headhunting is the process where recruiters attract and pursue professionals, already in a position, with the skills, experiences, and background that would best fit your company and fill out your critical opening. Headhunting is the act of acquiring the top talent in the industry for one specific client at a time. They work as the exclusive provider of candidates to their clients. And they can provide a genuinely thorough and exhaustive search of the market. They will seek out, identify and then convince the right candidates – most of whom are happy in their current position – to join you.

Contingency Recruitment VS Retained Recruitment

At first glance, the advantage of working with a contingency recruiter seems quite compelling. You can see multiple candidates from multiple sources. Three times as many candidates means three times the quality and three times the chances of getting the right person, right?

Wrong. Dead wrong.

Case No.1

For a few reasons: firstly: most industries are pretty small. And – as with the Cybersecurity sales sector – its a tight-knit network of people. Your same three recruiters will all have access to the same candidates. Anyone who tells you they have the “best candidates” is like a cab driver telling you he has the “best roads”. It’s nonsense. All cabbies use the same roads! So, what makes one cab driver better than another? Process. Good cab drivers know the best routes. They have the experience to know which routes are better at which time of day, which roads are under construction, where the traffic jams are etc. The best recruiters – like the best cab drivers- have the best process, not the best candidates. Everyone has access to the same candidates. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.

Case No.2

So, (and this takes us to the second reason) if you have multiple recruiters all talking to the same candidates, how will you look if your ideal candidate is spoken to by more than one firm? Will you look like a professional organization that is taking their hiring seriously,? Or like a badly organized group of amateurs who can’t co-ordinate a simple task?

Case No.3

Finally, and most critically, if you have three companies competing with one another to find you the best candidates, rather than increasing your chances of successfully hiring the perfect candidate, your chances actually decrease dramatically. And it’s all down to one thing… motivation.

The Importance of Time

When you are looking to recruit candidates for any vacancy – whether in cybersecurity sales or any other field – you want to find the best candidates. And that takes time. Time to determine where they are currently employed. Or the time to contact them (often multiple times). And the time to convince them to consider leaving a job where they are well rewarded (after all, your best candidates are almost always someone else’s high-performing employee!). It all takes time. However, the ‘no-win, no fee, first to deliver wins’ model of contingency recruitment rewards speed of delivery over quality of delivery. In fact contingency recruitment is one area where the quality of service is actually penalized!

Think of this analogy: you need to submit your tax returns and hire three accountants, but you tell them you’ll only pay the first person who files your completed paperwork with the tax authorities. Do you really think you’ll get a thorough and exhaustive high-quality product from any of them? The accountant who submits first may get paid, but will you save the most amount of tax? Unlikely. Will you end up paying fees, fines and maybe even serve jail time? Possibly!

Nobody would ever consider risking their tax returns to a system that rewards speed and penalizes quality. And yet there are still companies looking for a Cybersecurity sales recruitment company who would consider risking their company’s most important asset – their people – to this outdated and very risky model.

So why choose retained headhunters for your cybersecurity sales recruitment? Quite simply, it’s a safe, low risk and proven model that works every time.

Advantages of working with Salisi as your Cybersecurity Sales Headhunting Firm

There are three primary reasons to work with Salisi Human Capital. These are time, resources, and money. Simply put, our eleven-step process will save you considerable time, resources, and money. And get you the best person you need.

Expertise and Experience in Cybersecurity Sales Recruitment

We don’t go into the battlefield empty-handed. We go into it with all the weapons necessary to find you the best candidates! Salisi was established in 2005. And in all that time we have specialized in finding the top cybersecurity sales, sales engineering, marketing, and finance personnel for cybersecurity vendors of all sizes. Our experience makes us the ideal choice.

Need talent? We know where to find it. And this is because, through headhunting, we widen the search and take it to professionals who have already achieved what you want to achieve for your company. We know: 1) who the top performers are, 2) where they are, 3) how to reach them and 4) how to convince them to join you. Without expertise in all four of these steps, your vacancy remains open. What cost will that incur on your business, your performance and your career? Do you really want to risk this in the hands of anyone else?

Through our knowledge of the industry, working with us will help you ease your mind. We’ll take the pressure off you. You give us the time, and we do the search based on your requirements. By giving us the responsibility, you give us the time you would otherwise spend on the process. This means you get all that time back and avoid losing what that time costs.

Relationships and Representation

One key difference between a contingent and retained recruiter is the relationship the recruiter or agency has with the hiring company. As a cybersecurity sales headhunting firm, we take both clients and candidates’ privacy seriously. Since we work with our clients exclusively, we will build a long-term relationship with you. We will always look out for your interests, never working with one of your competitors. And we will never send a resume of a candidate you are interviewing (or working for you right now!) to any other company. If your vacancies are exclusive with us, our candidates are exclusive with you.

Through the closeness of our relationship, we will get to know you and your requirements better. This will help us be a more effective ambassador, representing your company and your requirements to the candidate market. We do all the heavy lifting, freeing up you and your team to focus on growing your business.

How we represent our firm is how we will represent yours – with expert, competent, and respectable professionalism.

We do the job from start to finish. All you need to do is choose from the shortlist we present you.

End to End Extensive Engagement

Our recruitment process has been proven time and again to turn leads to success. And that’s because we work closely with you throughout every stage of the process. We will be with you from the initiation of the search to signing employment contracts. Our headhunting firm has a unique eleven-step process for Cybersecurity Sales Recruitment that removes the risk of an unsuccessful hiring process. We know exactly how many people will need to be contacted by our resourcing team. Be it for pre-screening to produce a shortlist of ideal candidates. We also know how many candidates need to be on that shortlist to ensure you have one ideal candidate to offer. Oh, and a spare just in case!

Every one of our candidates is rigorously prepared for their interview with you. We provide them with interview training, a professional resume, and full briefing notes on the position for which they are interviewing. These are all so that they understand the seriousness with which you are taking your hiring. At every stage we stay true to what we believe in – executive headhunting done right, done ethically.

And that belief will be demonstrated by the quality of the candidates we will present to you. Exciting, isn’t it?

Oh – and it won’t cost you any more than the fees you typically pay to contingency recruiters.

So, rather than accepting a risky, outdated and harmful agreement with contingency recruiters where you’ll pay a fortune for a candidate who will leave after a few months, or a shortlist of the hopeful and desperate, make the switch to an Exclusive Cybersecurity Headhunter. It won’t cost you any more, but it will generate a hell of a lot more!

Chat with us!

If you are looking for a headhunting firm to help you with Cybersecurity Sales Recruitment, give us a call! Schedule a free consultation and let’s see if we are a fit! We’ll be happy to work with you.

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