While the pandemic has changed businesses in many ways, it has also affected how people search for jobs. The number one question job applicants ask is how businesses have handled the pandemic and how it has impacted their employees’ lives and safety. But of course, there’s also more to asking that question in looking for the right job at the right company at a time like this. Here are some post pandemic job search tips.  

Career Path

There really isn’t a “perfect” time to reflect on your career path. It’s a constant thing. It’s the path to your goal that should motivate and inspire how you work every day. So, this first job search tip is more of a reminder: always reflect on your career path and make sure you’re heading where you want to go.  


However, even the way we reflect on our career paths needs to change as well, especially when we need to adapt to changing times. So here’s the next job search tip. If your recent search results have been limited, perhaps it’s a good idea to broaden your job search. Yes, you may come from a specific field, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your skills won’t be useful to another industry or field. Who knows? It might even be to your advantage. And because many businesses have shifted to remote working, broaden the location of your job search. That just might do the trick.  

References and Network

Of course, even the full digital working experience has its limitations. Since much of the interview process is now online and some entire interviews are conducted without the applicants ever actually meeting their hiring manager, culture-fit and trust have become much harder to assess. People may rely on social media networks to investigate their fit with the person they’ve interviewed with, but what if that isn’t enough? This is the time to prepare trustworthy references and a referencable network. The world has become smaller, leading to an increased reliance on mutual connections Check in on your network, they might have a potential opportunity for you – or be happy to recommend you for the job you’ve just applied for.  

The Zoom Where It Happens

Since the pandemic, we’ve entered the shift to an almost full-digital recruitment experience. An important tip is to keep an active online presence. Recruiters now tap into social media so make sure your online presence is an accurate refection of how you want your next company to see you, and of course, that your online persona makes you stand out. And to prepare for the inevitable Zoom or Google Meets interview, make sure you have a strong internet connection, somewhere suitable to conduct video interviews and prepare a decent background. 

For additional tips on optimizing your Zoom meetings, check this out.

A Little Bit of Patience

The pandemic took most of us by surprise, and while this total shift into digital recruitment has its advantages, many people may not have been prepared enough for it. Keep in mind that the processes are evolving and businesses are also trying to keep up. Have patience with your search and to the businesses that are interested in interviewing – and hopefully hiring – you. With luck, everything will improve as things stabilize in the coming months. As the saying goes, this too shall pass.

Wellness in the workplace is another important thing to consider. Check out this podcast episode talking about corporate wellness and how a healthier workplace means a healthier return of investment. You might get an idea or two of which types of companies you should apply to.

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Simon Lader

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