Episode 53 – How to Successfully Launch a Security Software Company from Just an Idea with Bob Kruse

The Conference Room with Simon Lader
The Conference Room with Simon Lader
Episode 53 – How to Successfully Launch a Security Software Company from Just an Idea with Bob Kruse

In this week’s episode, we welcome Bob Kruse, CEO of security automation startup RevelStoke into The Conference Room to discuss how he launched the company from scratch. 


  • The key characteristics of successful business owners
  • The primary areas any would-be startup CRO needs to know before starting a business 
  • Figuring out how to do to build a team of both sales and non-salespeople 
  • The importance of picking the right investors 


Bob Kruse is the CEO and co-founder of seed-funded cybersecurity vendor Revelstoke. He was educated at Gonzaga University in Florance, Italy, and the University of Southern California. He has been a Go To Market leader in cyber security for 20 years. Highlights include playing a pivotal role in taking FireEye (FEYE) public and in the $560m acquisition of Demisto by Palo Alto Networks. Now, as co-founder and CEO of Revelstoke Security, Bob is laser-focused on solving a fundamental problem in cyber security today. 

For more information, or to get in touch with Bob, check out: 

Website: https://www.revelstoke.io/ 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/krusebob/


Simon Lader is the host of The Conference Room, Co-Founder of global executive search firm Salisi Human Capital, and online coaching firm Salisi Academy. Since 1997, Simon has helped Senior Executives achieve Life Transformation through finding their ideal job and consulted with leading enterprise software and cybersecurity vendors to build highly effective teams.

Get to know more about Simon at:

Podcast: https://theconferenceroompodcast.com

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