Our services are not for everyone.

You know you need Salisi Human Capital when:

You have wasted hours on LinkedIn connecting with and messaging suitable people, but nobody relevant seems interested in talking to you, and the only ones who do don’t have the right background

Your HR or internal recruitment department send you the resumes of the people who applied to their job posting, but it’s a mix of job-hoppers and no-hopers. You talk to the few who look interesting, but its clear that they are so desperate to take a job – any job – that they’ll either be off the market before your interview cycle is complete, or they may even take your job to pay their mortgage while they look for the job they really want

Five contingency recruitment companies sent you a flurry of resumes in the first few days, but they were almost as bad as the selection your HR team sent you. Three companies sent you the same resume, and suddenly your calendar is filled up talking to people who are nowhere near the quality you want.

Your CEO leaves you a voicemail reminding you that, despite you not having filled the headcount, your target for the quarter is still increasing from last year and failing to hit it is not an option.

You recognize that you can either have it done cheap or done properly… and you prefer it being done properly.

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