The Conference Room Episodes
The Conference Room Episodes
Episode 69: The All Star Sales Leadership Episode, featuring the best of our Sales Leadership guests

In this week’s episode, we’ll be going back and revisiting some of the best advice that our guests have given in the area of sales and sales leadership

Full Podcast (episode 05):

Brian Stone is a world-leading global head of sales. He has a track record of scaling Cybersecurity companies from $10 million to over $150 million, having led sales for companies including PhishMe (Cofense), Risklens, Cymulate and NetAbstraction. BOB KRUSE
Full Podcast (episode 53):

Bob Kruse is the CEO and co-founder of seed-funded cybersecurity vendor Revelstoke. He has been a Go To Market leader in cyber security for 20 years. Highlights include playing a pivotal role in taking FireEye (FEYE) public and in the $560m acquisition of Demisto by Palo Alto Networks. GORDON LAWSON
Full Podcast (episode 51):

Gordon Lawson built a successful sales and sales leadership career in the cybersecurity industry, with organizations such as Pictometry, PhishMe, ReversingLabs and RangeForce. He is currently CEO of a highly disruptive cybersecurity vendor NetAbstraction.

Full Podcast (episode 65):

Aaron Ansari is the Chief Revenue Officer of RangeForce, a leading cybersecurity SaaS vendor. Before that he was VP Sales of Cloud Conformity until its acquisition in 2019 by Trend Micro, and Director of Sales for PhishMe where more than doubled its customer base. MARK STRUTNER
Full Podcast (episode 66):

Mark Strutner is the VP Global Sales of Skyline ATS and formerly VP Worldwide Sales of Lastline, who are now part of VMWare and successfully led sales teams at early stage cyber security vendors.

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