Are you looking for someone to build your TOLA region, initially as a senior individual contributor and then to build and manage your team? Do you need someone capable of closing $2m personally, and running a team of up to ten individual contributors, TOLA or nationally based? Are your cybersecurity solutions complex, six/seven figure deals requiring CISO-level buy-in and thus someone with a strong network of C-level contacts across TOLA and the US?

If so, our Client is the ideal solution to your problem. He has over 20 years as an individual contributor and sales leader for both large vendors and smaller startups, selling network security and cyber security solutions to the enterprise sector in TOLA and across the US.

  • Sales track record:
    • Four years with a global security vendor, achieving 140-170% each year, closing the company’s first $1m+ deal, and building a relationship with one of the US’s largest banks.
    • First TOLA employee and built region from scratch for a cyber startup, grew region to $5m within two years, led sales team to #2 in North America, achieved 189% of quota
    • Five years with global security vendor, built TOLA from scratch in a hands-on sales management role; during his tenure, achievement was 105-140% of an eight figure quota (up to $90M)
    • Most recently, turned around a failing team to exceeding quota (achieved 129% from prior underachieving performance)


Whether you require building a region from scratch, rapid scaling of a small team or turning around a failing team, this individual has the experience, hunger and desire to help you achieve your goals.

Outstanding talent like this will not be available for long, so unless you want your competitors to hire him and take from you the revenue that could be yours, contact us immediately for more information, or to set up an interview with him.



About Simon Lader

Simon Lader

I am an almost twenty year veteran of the IT industry. I started recruiting for IT sales and presales people in 1997 and I’ve been doing it ever since. Originally living in Manchester, UK, I now live in Las Vegas and specialize in helping startup and high-growth software vendors find the best sales and presales people in North America, Asia Pacific and EMEA. My three kids and long suffering wife keep me sane (or as close to it as possible) - which, as a Manchester United supporter, isn’t always easy! I probably watch too much Netflix and drink too much Single Malt Whisky, but what’s life without a little misbehavior now and then.
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