The Anatomy Of A Good Resume

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. These are the key ingredients to the perfect something, but it’s not what we’re looking for. So what does a good resume look like? It has the right format. There are different types of resume […]


Things To Take Off Your Resume

“This is the best resume I have ever seen” – says one post in a Creatives Group. Looking at the six-page photo group, it definitely is not.  There are different types of resumes with some managers preferring one over another. […]


Hiring Outside the Interview Box

Interviews are crucial to the hiring process. It’s where a hiring manager asks things that aren’t in your resume, and tries to know and assess you better. It’s where they figure out if you’re THE best candidate for the team. […]


Slaying Your Interview Dragons

Nerves can be a hassle, especially during an interview. And hey, that’s normal. I guess that’s because a lot of people see interviewers as some kind of monsters. They’re not. They’re human beings like you who have their own personalities […]


Why Should You Read This?

If you are an IT professional, or if you run sales or presales teams, or are simply responsible for HR or recruitment within the IT sector, this is the blog for you! I’m Simon Lader. I have helped software vendors […]