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About Us

Since 2005 Salisi has helped technology companies all over the world save time and money and increase profits by hiring the best talent in the industry in the most effective and efficient manner, while coaching individuals to progress their careers.
With a history of success in Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia Pacific, we are ideally placed to help you scale your business or find your perfect job

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What Makes Salisi so different?

The Salisi approach is revolutionary because it prioritizes your time above everything else. We don’t pretend to have secret access to “the best candidates” – but we have a process, finely tuned since 2005, which enables you to fill your open positions with suitable, interested candidates in a fraction of the time. Hundreds of companies have made – and saved – millions of dollars using Salisi. But how can you tell if it is the right approach for you?

Our Success in Numbers


Client Retention

2.67: 1

Average ratio of candidates interviewed to placed

1.8: 1

Average ratio of assignments taken to assignments filled


Average number of months a candidate we place remains in their position


Candidates placed by Salisi


Average number of coffees drunk by the team in an average week

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